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Pink Floyd: Name Meanings

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I believed Great Gig in the Sky was about the thunder;
the more urgent the voice, the closer the storm.
Once I realized a woman sang because she awoke,
no longer amongst the living,
I have been unable to separate all thunder from death.

Maybe I shouldn’t feel so overwhelmed when I listen to it,
or laugh when my mother says my soul lies in the past.

Maybe I should be able to distinguish a ballet in the sky
from an argument between death and the living.

I shouldn’t shame the sky for holding the audible souls.

I don’t know where I am going with this,
or maybe I am just afraid that it will be mistaken for a suicide note.
Honesty is acceptable until it is questioned,
but I think there is a difference between wanting to die

and not being afraid of dying,
and I have been too inspired to slip out of myself.

The thunder is now a rescue call to draw another breath,

and this summer has been full of storms.
I have forgiven my mind and a muffled voice
for convincing me of a darkness I’ve never wanted.

Maybe now I am satisfied with the uncertainty of an immeasurable lifespan,
and believing that ‘any time will do’,
or maybe I am content with watching the gig in the sky
from right here on the ground.

Alessia Di Cesare, I Shouldn’t Shame The Sky For Holding The Audible Souls

And I am not frightened of dying. Any time will do, I don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There’s no reason for it – you’ve got to go sometime.”

— Gerry O’Driscoll, 

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Rick Wright, born on July 28, 1943, forever missed.
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Rick Wright, born on July 28, 1943, forever missed.

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Sabrina the Teenage Bitch

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never forget

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click here to enter into a teenage boys mind
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click here to enter into a teenage boys mind

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do you ever just get

viciously jealous

about people



that’s my friend


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Whoever I date next better be ready to be treated like absolute gold. I have so much love that I’ve been waiting to give its ridiculous

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